How to protect your OKPAY account and other electronic accounts from unauthorized access.

1. Start by updating a password for your email account which you use as an OKPAY login, because it is the most commonly used way of hacking users' information. We recommend using a complex password which can not be guessed and contains the following:
* At least 8 characters * Latin uppercase letters (eg, AZ)
* Latin characters in lower case letters (eg, az)
* At least one number (e.g., 0-9), or a special characters (e.g., # @%)

2. Additionally, protect your OKPAY account by enabling security questions, 2-step authentication via PIN-codes, IP address filtering and providing recovery contacts. Refer to the OKPAY Security Center:

3. If you are providing access to your OKPAY account to colleagues, developers and accountant always set appropriate access levels and remember to disable them once there is no more further need in account sharing.

4. BEWARE of phishing: we NEVER ask you to provide ANY passwords by email, support tickets, forum or social networks.

5. Setup antivirus software and regularly scan your computer for virus threats.

Stay safe and enjoy electronic services hassle free,